Strahd 27 cr

Strahd 27 cr

The Fanes are ancient sacred sites dedicated to three goddess that predate Strahd or even the Zarovich line. The goddesses, though now absent, left behind their sacred sites with remnants of their magic. Over the years, Strahd desecrated these sites, removing sacred runestones and tying the power of the sites to himself.

He scattered the runestones throughout Barovia and allowed evil creatures to move in to desecrate the Fanes further. The Fanes empower Strahd, and if your party wishes to defeat him, they'll have to purify the Fanes. Strahd is empowered by the Fanes. Over the course of a year, he desecrated each Fane, removing the stones and allowing the guardians to take hold.

The power bestowed to him by each Fane is specific. The Forest Fane gives Strahd the gift of both stealth and knowledge. While benefitting from the Forest Fane, Strahd is under the benefits of a nondetection spell.

Additionally, whenever someone says his name, he can cast scry on that person without expending a spell slot and without material components. Depending on your game, this may lead to a great deal of superstition in Barovia, where all NPCs refuse to call Strahd anything but "The Devil. The Swamp Fane gives Strahd the strength of the swamp. While he is connected to the Swamp Fane, Strahd gains resistance to fire, cold, lightning, thunder, and acid damage.

This makes Strahd very powerful, and adds 1 to his CR. The Mountain Fane gives Strahd protection of the mountain. While he is connected to the Mountain Fane, Strahd has an armor of force on him at all times. Purifying the Fanes is a process with three steps.

Step 1. Find the runestone and place it into the Fane. This immediately, but not permanently, purifies the Fane. It does not break Strahd's connection to it. Step 2. Defeat or destroy the guardian of the Fane. This prevents further desecration. Step 3. Perform the purification ritual specific to the Fane.Home Post new thread What's new Latest activity Authors.

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strahd 27 cr

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter dave Start date Sep 16, I didn't give it much thought initially because this was really just a personal project for myself and perhaps a few others.

I had a similar thread at the old WotC forums for 4e epic monsters and it got very little attention,I assumed this would be more of the same. Well, maybe it's 5e or the move to EnWorld or bothbut this thread has gotten a lot more attention, so it is time to get a little more serious.

strahd 27 cr

This update to the OP is my attempt to introduce this little project of mine to the broader community. From the beginning I wanted to be Demogorgon or Tiamat or Thor, etc. It is sickness really. Though I appreciated WotC efforts, I want more epic goodies and, frankly, I like my epic threats a little more threatening. Also, as it looks like WotC as no intention of providing 5e stats for the greater gods, I started to make my own. This started with 4e and I quickly made the switch to 5e.

The reason for these changes, as hinted above, is that I feel the WotC epic monsters are a little lacking. In 4e it could be rather trivial to defeat epic threats, so much so WotC even revised the guidelines 2x and still didn't get it right IMO.

I had hoped this wouldn't be the case with 5e, but all evidence points to the fact that some bit of optimizing can make the big bad look a bit sad. And, oddly the CR feels about right, but the challenge of that CR does not. Here is my revised epic monster design table, with the notes below explain why I changed the things I changed.

However, there is one difference between using the table in the DMG and this table.

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The "Effective Hit Points I revised that row to be and adding a row 26 or more which indicates no hit point modifier for creatures above CR Any creature above CR 25 or anyone fighting a creature above CR 25 should expect it to have multiple resistances and immunities. Also, I'm not sure this is mention in the DMG, but as currently designed you do not add regeneration that is part of a legendary action this is assumed to be equal in CR value to the damage of a legendary action which should be included in the CR.

One thing to consider regarding regeneration is that it is very easy to neutralize chill touch cantrip if your monster doesn't have immunity to cantrips or somethign similar. If your monster doesn't have a good method to counter chill touch then don't calculate the regeneration in the effectie HP PS.

I need to make that revision to some of the monsters posted here.

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My thought is there is a limit to how proficient one can be at a task, but you can still get better through having higher ability scores. It was also an attempt to maintain some degree of BA.Strahd spent the first few decades of his adult life in his war with the Tergs that had invaded and occupied Barovia.

In perhaps the most critical moment in his war against the foreign invadersStrahd called the fiend Inajira in the hope of securing victory at the cost of his soul. However, Strahd merely traded one form of damnation for another, as this horrible pact ultimately led to Strahd becoming an all but immortal darklord.

Throughout his long history as darklord of Barovia, Strahd has come into conflict with many who would challenge his dominance. For example, his great niece, Lyssa von Zarovichtransformed herself into a vampire to challenge his rule. She also conspired with the High Master Illithid to generate a race of illithid vampires to depose Strahd, but the plan failed. During his time in the MistsStrahd has developed a number of distinct creations, particularly in the areas of spells and undead unique to him.

From the Shadows - pp Download Now! Jump to: navigationsearch. Personal tools Create account Log in. This section contains canon info from officially published sources.While imprisoned in Baroviahis hair and beard were both long, black and peppered with grey streaks.

When mad, his eyes crackled with eldritch power. He later changed his hairstyle, favoring a bald head and a trimmed goatee. His stare was penetrating. Typically stubborn and one who did not suffer fools gladly, Mordenkainen could be difficult even with his friends. While suffering from his madness, he was convinced that enemies were everywhere and he was being constantly watched by evil agents.

The Fanes of Barovia

Mordenkainen was an acquaintance of Elminster Aumar ; the two met on numerous occasions at Ed Greenwood 's house on Earth to exchange spells and lore. Mordenkainen later traveled to Barovia in an attempt to free the local population from its vampire darklord Strahd. However, he underestimated Strahd's power and, after barely surviving a confrontation with him, he lost his spellbook and his staff, eventually losing his memory and being driven to the brink of madness.

strahd 27 cr

He became known by the locals as the Mad Mage of Mount Baratok. In the Year of the Scarlet Witch, DRMordenkainen, still suffering from bouts of madness, was in Waterdeepwhere Storm Silverhand and Elminster were helping him to recover from them. By the Year of Twelve Warnings, DR[note 1] Mordenkainen inhabited the Tower of Urma dwelling that he used as a vehicle to travel through the multiverse. He occasionally visited Avernus to study the effects of the Nine Hells over the schools of magic and to ensure the balance of the universe.

His toenails appeared to be a venerated item in some places.

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Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. Edited by Kim MohanMichele Carter. Curse of Strahd. Edited by Kim Mohan. Wizards of the Coastpp. Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure. Edited by Frank MentzerMichael Dobson. TSR, Inc. Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk.

Edited by Penny WilliamsBeth Griese. Monster Manual 5th edition. Dragon 93 TSR, Inc. Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus.The Devil's Mother, Baba Lysaga is cackling in her flying skull under a blood moon waiting to obliterate anyone mad enough to challenge her son or her!

I felt that the book version was pretty weak compared to the discriptions of Baba Lysaga. According to the lore, she is the one who baptised Strahd into the art of dark magic and was the first one to make a pact with the Mother Night.

This version is made to be used only under extreme caution as it is quite deadly and will most likely result in a total party kill if used incorrectly. You have been Warned! What you get:. Login My Library Wishlists. New Account or Log In. Hide my password.

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Get the newsletter. Subscribe to get the free product of the week! One-click unsubscribe later if you don't enjoy the newsletter. Log In with Facebook. Log In I am new here. Remember me. Error: No match for email address or password. Password forgotten? Click here. Advanced Search. The Devil's Mother, Baba Lysaga. A CR 25 Version. Average Rating 5 ratings. After some delay the follow-up of the CR27 Devil Strahd is here!!

More from this Title's Contributors. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews 1. Please log in to add or reply to comments. There are few typos throughout this. I can send you a list of what I find, or should I list them here? Hey, so I happen to be setting up to DM CoS, and in your content of "The Real Devil Strahd" Strahd can be weakened Like with the artifacts, fanes, heart of sorrow, and an ally but how would a group of fairly-high-level characters be able to kill Baba Lysaga?By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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strahd 27 cr

I am planning a level 10 dungeon crawl where I would like the final encounter to be an archmage. At the moment my party consists of a bard, a ranger, and a fighter with the knight subclass from UA all level I want this encounter to be difficult, if not extremely so, yet not impossible. According to XP calculators and such, this encounter is deadly however it is still within the "max xp" for the party. Because I am not sure exactly how this will go and don't want either the party or the mage to be killed in the first couple rounds, I am having this encounter in a place where things could be added or subtracted from the fight rather easily.

It is happening in a large throne room-type space and I figure that I should be able to feel out the battle after the first round and add other enemies if I need to. I also could simply choose not to use the wizard's high level spells in order to nerf the encounter on the fly.

I have run a very similar encounter, with 4 PCs at level 10 against a single Archmage, with all of her spells pre-cast on herself, as the first part of a multi-stage boss fight. As you describe, the battle with the archmage took place inside what was basically a large empty building. The players easily blew through this stage of the fight--even with Time Stop to set up defenses, the Archmage was soundly defeated without a single PC going down. First, consider that while the Archmage has access to 9th level spells, all of her high-level spells are nondamaging.

The strongest damage-dealing spell she has is only 5th level. While Time Stop is potentially useful, it's mostly good for letting her run away with Teleport.

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Additionally, she only has 99 HP, which means that if she does get caught in a focus fire from PCs, she's going down very quickly. That means the Archmage is barely on the edge of being "deadly," which in my experience usually means "one or two PCs actually take some damage".

In fact, the daily adventure XP budget for 3 level 10 characters is 27, XP, or basically three Archmage encounters before a long rest. Finally, a single-monster encounter is always on the losing side of the action economy, which further reduces the difficulty of the encounter. For example, if your bard manages to get a Hold Person off on the Archmage, the encounter is basically over, since the PCs get two consecutive turns against the Archmage.

You should really be asking, "how do I make this encounter more difficult? In my case, I made the archmage a multi-stage boss, as mentioned above. In the second stage, I gave her significantly improved survivability, by giving her a regenerating barrier with high HP, which forced the PCs to focus down a portion of the barrier before they could even touch the Archmage.

Moreover, I gave her a number of minions under her control, to even out the action economy a bit more. Overall, these changes did not make the encounter that much more deadly for the PCs, but it did force them to be more creative in their abilities and tactics than a straight fight in an empty room. In a neutral arena, level ground, encounter without forethought, the party of 3 10th levels will most likely defeat the 18th level 12CR archmage pretty quickly, if they have decent tactics and mobility.

Numbers matter a lot in this game, due to the action economy. This really depends on you, as the DM, and how you write the encounter and the preparations for it. Considering that CR is just a guidelineit could result in a Deadly encounter for your party or an easy one as well.

Their chances of succeed depends on several other conditions not considered by the CR calculation or definition, such as terrain obstacles, previous encounters, the current party resources at the final battle, active magic effects, and so on. Taking a look at the "Creating a Monster" section in the DMG, there are some guidelines there for determining the CR of a custom monster. Specifically on pagethey proposed a Monster Statistics by Challenge Rating table. It displays several indicators for determining CR, one of which is Damage per Round.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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Find file Copy path. Mark Obcena Add spell slots to monster entries. Raw Blame History. While in swarm form, she has a walking speed of 5 feet and a flying speed of 30 feet. Anything she is wearing transforms with her, but nothing she is carrying does. A summoned swarm appears in an unoccupied space within 60 feet of Baba Lysaga and acts as her ally. It remains until it dies or until Baba Lysaga dismisses it as an action.

An animated object reduced to 0 hit points becomes inanimate and is too damaged to be of much use or value to anyone. If targeted by dispel magic, the hut must succeed on a Constitution saving throw against the caster's spell save DC or fall unconscious for 1 minute. It can replace one of these attacks with a rock attack. If targeted by dispel magic, the broom must succeed on a Constitution saving throw against the caster's spell save DC or fall unconscious for 1 minute.

If the broom wins the contest, it flies out of the creature's grasp and makes a melee attack against it with advantage on the attack roll. This attack is magical. Hit: 2 1d4 piercing damage. The target must succeed on a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw or be cursed. While cursed, the target has vulnerability to one type of damage of Ezmerelda's choice.

The curse lasts until ended with a greater restoration spell, a remove curse spell, or similar magic. When the curse ends, Ezmerelda takes 3d6 psychic damage. If the target succeeds on the initial saving throw, Ezmerelda is blinded until the end of her next turn. Once a target succeeds on a saving throw against this effect, it is immune to the Evil Eye power of all Vistani for 24 hours.

If targeted by dispel magic, the portrait must succeed on a Constitution saving throw against the caster's spell save DC or fall unconscious for 1 minute. Hit: 10 3d6 fire damage.

If the target is a flammable object that isn't being worn or carried, it catches fire.